Reiki Services

Reiki is spiritually guided life force that is offered to heal your body, mind and spirit. With Reiki you will experience the relief of physical pain and emotional stress while increasing your sense of inner peace. Private Reiki Sessions with Jenny Green, Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, are available from 6-9 p.m. on Wednesday evenings.  Cost is 40 for 1/2 hour and $80 for 1 hour session. Stop into Eye of Horus to purchase your session, or call 612-872-1292.

Intuitive Tarot & Faeries’ Oracle Readings

Jenny Green Tarot and Faery Oracle ReaderA reading is a snapshot of where you are on your journey. Recent past as well as the road ahead are also represented. During the reading we explore the past, the present and the near future, and the energies surrounding your path. Life is an adventure, and Jenny can point out the signs to get you to the next stage of your journey.

Jenny Green – Tarot Experience

The tarot has been a part of my personal path for twenty years. I first discovered tarot through a friend who gave me a reading. I was fascinated by the detailed illustration, and went to the library to learn more and discovered the symbols, psychology, art, history, mystery, and magic of the Tarot.

While I explored these aspects of the cards, I used them in my daily meditations, learning about myself and my path along the way. Eventually word got out that I worked with the Tarot and I started doing readings for friends and family. Over time, as I continued to use the Tarot for my own personal growth, I started doing readings professionally.

It’s easy to schedule a reading, call Eye of Horus at 612-872-1292 and say you want to make an appointment for a reading with Jenny, or just click one of the links:

Faery Oracle Readings

Illustrative art has always inspired me, and I was eventually drawn to the artwork of Brian Froud. When the Faeries’ Oracle Deck came out with his artwork on it, I had to work with it! I have strong and vibrant connection to the realm of Faerie. It lies just beyond the veil of dreams, and I connect to this realm when I close my eyes. My spirit guides include light elves, nature spirits, and even a Faerie Godmother. They assist me in my readings by showing me connections beyond what I’ve learned from my own path and studies.

To book a Faery Oracle Reading, use the links above – just mention in the comments that you want a Faery Oracle Reading, rather than Tarot.


Swish and Flick ~ Reviews for Jenny Green Intuitive Reader

  • reviewed by A.L.


    May 9, 2014

    Scarily Accurate Tarot Reading!

    I was new to readings, and skeptical but always interested in getting a reading- but I met with Jenny and I am glad I went! She was able to see exactly what I was struggling with and the path I should take with minimal information. It was so accurate it was spooky! I will definitely be back, and have already recommended to friends!

    reviewed by Thami M



    Jul 3, 2014

    Tarot Reading

    I brought my son in for his first tarot reading as a 16th birthday present, and Jenny did a great job! He really had fun with it, and she was extremely accurate. Everyone at Eye of Horus was friendly and helpful without being pushy.


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