About Jenny

WebPortraitI am Jenny Green, a Faery Pathwalker specializing in Faerie’s Oracle Readings, Tarot, and Reiki. Faeryblessings.com was created to share my knowledge of my experiences with the Fae, and yes, I do believe in the Faeries as much as some people believe in angels. Some are my spiritual guides, some are guardians of the sacred spaces in nature that I like to play in, and all the Gentry that I have contact with honor the Goddess as I do. We have that in common, along with a healthy love for the arts.

I am also a musician specializing in zithers such as the Mountain Dulcimer, Autoharp and Kantele with a love of both traditional and popular folk music. Music is my main hobby, with other hobbies including gardening, drawing & painting, knitting, counted cross-stitch, and belly dancing. A Reiki Master Teacher since 2008, I also am seeking ways to work with my guides during healing session. I have studied the Bardic level from Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, and I am the founding High Priestess and Witch of Hollow Hills Coven & Grove, a Wiccan teaching coven that offers Seeker Classes through Eye of Horus Metaphysical.


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