Unity – Faeries Oracle Card


FO-UnityThis is my second in my series of posts on The Faerie’s Oracle deck with artwork by Brian Froud, and I’m going to get right to the center of everything, which is the first of the Singers of the Realms: Unity, card #1. All the singers are very abstract or simple looking artistically, simple but powerful. Each represents the core energy of  major elements of Faerie beings that are felt rather than seen. The way they are rendered you can almost feel them pulsating and shimmering, like an overactive star, and in a sense that is what they are. They are the stars of the Faerie Realm and they each have their own voice or frequency. The Singers of the Realms all got together one day and made all the music that ever was. They came together in Unity. When we listen to music that touches us, moves us, makes our hearts leap up in joy; well that’s the work of The Singers. When the Northern lights dance in the sky, that too is the work of The Singers. The key to getting to know the Singers is to listen carefully to your heart as you look at the image for a while, what resonates within you?

The recognizable imagery in Unity that I see are antlers, a grail or chalice, and flowers, and central starlight. When we look at each separately we can begin to understand the magic of this card, and the importance of it’s meaning in relation to the rest of the deck. The antlers represent the power of nature, the animals of the forest, a very earthy energy of a deer buck, masculine and highly sensitive at the same time. Then when we see the swirling shapes around the center they appear to form a chalice. This is feminine and receptive, and the flower buds forming around the star are central to the meaning of this card. Unity is the coming together of different energies in space and time, in the Hear and Now. It is a card of love, creation, and oneness. In this deck it can act as a Lovers card, but it is also the ultimate spiritual truth. We are all part of the One which is both God and Goddess, Faerie and Human alike, as well as the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees.

The book by Jessica Macbeth has the keywords of Union. Mystical experience, Spiritual home. There are times in our lives that we get a glimmer of Unity, and it definitely is a Mystical experience. Mine happened when I was walking a labyrinth surrounded by a garden. It was a beautiful day and I was all alone, enjoying my walking meditation, when I got to the center and I was aware that I was not separate from the garden. It was a part of me and I was a part of it. I WAS the flower, I WAS the stone, I WAS the breeze. I remember the feeling, and Brian did a beautiful job with this card to represent that feeling of flowing in and out of my core. I held onto that feeling as long as I could, I shared it with whoever would listen, it was transcendent and beautiful and I will never forget the experience. It was also impossible to hold onto for very long. But a seed still remains within me, and I know it was real, that the Unity of all life is a Truth that I cannot deny. Sometimes I want to, when the road gets rough and people behave badly, it’s hard to embrace something so pure and so filled with hope and comfort. Coming to Unity is like coming home on a summers day with flowers in your hair.

On a more practical note, I’ve found that when Unity comes up in a reading, it brings together the cards around it. With all the Singers, I pay very close attention to the flow of the brush strokes and lines and where they appear to be reaching out to the cards around them. That which Unity is touching the most is the quickest path to Unity. We are all babes within Mother Universe, one big family whose members occasionally recall that where they came from is where they are, and where they are going. Here, Now, in Love and Unity. Open your heart and feel it’s embrace.