The Path of the Faeries’ Oracle


As the Thunder rolls in after an exceptionally warm and windy Spring day, I am preparing the introduction to my latest blog post. This is actually the first in a series of blog posts about the Faeries’ Oracle and my experiences with them. It’s late night and I am looking forward to trying to sleep during a Thunderstorm while the cats hide under the bed.

FaeriesOracle2000There are many oracles out there that use Faerie or Fairy imagery, and even some tarot decks, but the one I’m going to discuss is the The Faeries’ Oracle with art by Brian Fround and Text by Jessica Macbeth. Because it is the one, that for me, provides a true gateway to the Faerie Realms. No other deck I’ve played with comes anywhere near it in true Faery Magic. I’ve been working with it for 15 years now, and it has become a dear friend and true guide in my personal path. From the Forward in the book that comes with the deck, Brian Froud says

“The Faeries’ Oracle cards are portals that allow light direct form the faery realms to illuminate our darkness. They reveal a world of connection, meaning, and healing energy. Through these cards we can all be fellow travelers in these magical realms.”

Over the next several weeks, I will be exploring the properties of the various troups of faeries contained within the deck, and I will finish with card 0 the Faerie Guide. The troupes that I mentioned are as follows:

  • The Singers of the Realms
  • The Sidhe
  • Faery Guides and Guardians
  • The Help-Line Troupe

For my first trick, I will pull a card at random and see what comes up…Card 64 – Gawtcha. This card represents Sudden shock, Unexpected events. Rude awakenings. I’m hoping for something happy and unexpected this time. It is common, when beginning new enterprises I am unsure of, to doubt myself. I’m a perfectionist and really hard on myself. Gawtcha is part of The Help-Line Troupe, and since I already stated my intention to start with the Singers of the Realms, he wanted to make it really clear that luck is what we make of it, especially when doing something for the first time. This card is there to remind me to allow intuition to flow, not to try and make a rigid structure, to trust the process of working with the fae.

The card underneath Gawtcha turned out to be Card 12 – The Singer of the Chalice. This card represents Trust. Joy, Patience, Creativity, Hope, Miracles. I am moved to the point of tears to get this card. This renewal of the website is to be a labor of love, and a journal of discovery as I continue on the Faery Path. Wow. This is very much the Holy Grail card, the one that quenches my spiritual thirst, that brings healing to the maimed king, that renews the barren land. With this card, I have permission to drink deep of the healing nectar of the Faery Realm, the source of inspiration. To become a vessel myself and let ┬áthese words fill me and spill out onto the page and inspire others.

Go forth, take a chance, create something beautiful. Create anything that gives you joy and joy to others. this is the path the Faeries’ Oracle will lead you on. Buy the set, work with the cards, and read the book when you are ready. I’ll see you in Faery as you dip your Chalice in the well. We can toast Gawtcha together.