Taking Flight this Spring


It is not yet time for spring flowers in Minnesota, but there are buds on the lilac trees, so Spring is just around the corner. It seemed like just the time to re-launch Faeryblessings.com to really start sharing the magic, transformation, and healing that working with the Good People has brought into my life. I have been doing Faeries’ Oracle and Tarot Readings at Eye of Horus for over a year now on Wednesday nights, and I recently added a Thursday night shift. While it’s hard to be away from my adorable calico cats two nights in a row, it has given me the opportunity to do readings for more people.  Expanding the opportunity to serve the local community doesn’t stop there either. We are working on getting a monthly Reiki Clinic and Reiki Share up and running, me and my twin sister Jane Hawkner will be working together, sharing healing energy. Details will follow, and I’m super excited to have this great opportunity to do Reiki on a regular basis, as well as giving my students and Reiki friends a place to come and enhance their personal practice. I’m also available to do Reiki on Wednesday and Thursday nights as well.